We all have become addicted to social networks, so why shouldn’t businesses do the same. Besides SEO, social networks are a next important step in planning your digital marketing strategy. Considering that almost anyone has an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we think your business deserves an equal opportunity, and you have more significant chances of someone finding you, than on Google. But, in order to attract and target the audience, you need to complete several steps, which can help you increase traffic and make a transition from window shoppers to actual customers. So, here are some tips and trick which can help you in this process.

Learn how social media operates

Considering that companies are always changing their algorithms, you need to research in details each and every social network and then open a page. When you publish something, your goal is to reach a bigger audience, but small tech obstacles can prevent you in this task. It is essential to discover how you can tag people, publish posts and pictures and engage in conversation with other people. The more tricks you know, the better your reach will be. If you are new to this, you can always watch some YouTube videos to get the ropes.

Follow all people who are commenting, liking and retweeting

Building your virtual database or potential clients is essential. Considering they are already on your page, it means they are interested in your company and the services you are providing. This is an excellent way to gather more followers, who enjoy your content and who are willing to engage in further discussion. You should offer them some compelling content and based on their comments you discover their likes and dislikes.

Publish daily

Social Media MarketingIf your page isn’t active, then no one will know about you and people will soon forget about your business. But, if you offer them fresh content every day, then this will keep them interested. Make sure to have high-quality writers that will provide quality over quantity. Customers what to know about things, techniques and tips, and tricks which will offer them a new insight of fix some of their problems. The articles and posts you publish need to be informative, and they shouldn’t be strictly related to your business. For example, if you are in a fencing industry, you can write articles about types of fences, which one is best for installation and so on.

Run a paid ad

Considering that many social networks have changed their policies, not everyone is going to see your page. Even after you complete previous steps, new algorithms will only provide you 10% reach. In other words, if you have 10,000 followers, only 1,000 will see your posts on their feed. So, this is one of the reasons why you need to run a paid ad. But, luckily, compared to a traditional advertisement, social media marketing isn’t expensive, and for a couple of dollars, you can have a paid ad, where people can get familiar with your company.